Blue Flower

My Dear Atlantean Friends

I am in a position to start a new bussiness in the hope of attracting many visitors to my site and to promote this idea of Free Virtual Democracy or Total Democracy for Atlantia

With this purpose in mind I shall make new computers with the Zorin OS 11 operating system or the Artistx Linux operating system preloaded

and sell them to you for only 5 % of the original price per month and in 20 months they shall be yours

the Linux OS permits me to load inexpensive configurations which perform beautifully

These computers shall have AMD processors with 2 or 4 or 8 cores

cheap video cards with 512 MB-2 GB of video Ram

cheap SSDs with 240GB-1 TB of space

cheap HDDs with 2-8 TB of space

and Gigabyte motherboards and some Blu-ray writers

stay tune on

and which is the real store...